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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  February 15, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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drivers. and after our recent winter storms, pier 39 in san francisco started to look like a dumping ground for debris, large and small pieces of wood were floating fields in the bay. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. >> you can see the waters gushing down here off the dam boulevard. i want you to just take a look at this scene right here and about eight feet of water, and per day it will be released from the reservoir and the department of water resources said even with all of this water flowing, they still have
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no further erosion to the main spillway a that is already damaged. >> this is what 100,000 cubic feet of water per second looks like. and it will be releasing from the damaged main spillway at the oroville dam. >> it poses far less risk to all the infrastructure that we would have here. >> reporter: but that is the good news, especially with the storms headed our way. >> we are still moving more water from the reservoir than we would receive by the storm event coming in. >> reporter: officials believe the drain isn't a concern when it comes to the reservoir levels, that the crews are patching up the eroded emergency spillway, that it might be. >> it is the -- if the land gets too wet they cannot operate the land out there. it could be a safety issue with
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our personnel out there. >> reporter: the rock and grout put into the hole of the emergency spillway acts as a glue to hold it together. and a spokesperson says the water from the reservoir isn't seeping through. while the outflow is at 100,000, officials are looking to eventually reduce the flow once the reservoir drops further. >> we don't want to plug up our flood structures up more than what it has. >> reporter: officials say they are taking this situation just one step at a time, but they will continue the 24/7 operation as long as it is necessary. >> and the safety of this community is our number one priority. that is where we will continue to go. >> reporter: we asked the department of water resources about their response to criticism about why this incident wasn't prevented. a spokesperson just said their focus is what's happening here in the last week and they are likely researching this incident for years to come. reporting in oroville i'm sara hoda. new information about the
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ghost ship warehouse in oakland. the city released uncensored documents about prior calls there as police knew people were living there long before the deadly fire. henry lee has been digging into the records with this report. >> reporter: oakland police documents show officers visited the warehouse and nearby properties dozens of times for two years before the ghostship fire. the document was heavily redacted before, confirming officers were very familiar with this man the founder of the ghost ship art group. other tenants were living at the building, even though it was only zoned to be a warehouse. in march 2015 a woman reported an illegal rave there saying drugs and alcohol were being sold at the event. it cost $25 to get in the door. an oakland officer wrote in his report he believes the rave promoter was violating the city's cabaret permit ordinance. the officer had spoken before with almina and knew the building did not have a permit.
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it was suppose to be just an art studio. the officer broke up the party, but did not arrest or cite anyone. in these documents almena is now identified in a police report as the man who allegedly punched a tenant in the head for being short on rent in december 2014 almost exactly two years before the deadly fire. the tenant told police he might be murdered if both he and almena stayed under the same roof. almena was cited for battery and released. the tenant was taken into custody. almena's attorneys told me almena had nothing to do with the rave and that there is another side to the tenant dispute. in a statement they said neither of the above incidents have anything to do with the tragic fire on december 2. we called such episodes irrelevant. attorneys also said almena is no way liable for the deadly fire, which happened during an unpermitted party. ktvu has been asking the oakland police to clarify their protocol as to whether officers should be sharing what they observed on patrol with other city departments. we have not heard back.
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but an oakland could oakland -- but an oakland councilman says they need to do better to follow up. >> when you see other activity that is questionable, that is illegal, and you have a responsibility to report it. if not you are just as guilty as the guy committing the crime by not reporting it. >> reporter: in oakland henry lee fox 2 news. a bar owner takes over a grandmother's home in oakland. up next her plea to get the issue fixed after she says it has been making her sick. >> and talk about a toll increase making some drivers upset today. up next how much your trip would cost the bay bridge if voters agree to an increase.
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everyday price and no extra monthly fees, unlike cable. speeds up to 45 megs, for $30 a month. bay area voters may have to decide next year if they want to increase the tolls on almost all bay area bridges, some bridges are calling for increases of up to $3. >> reporter: it's $6 to across the bay bridge during peak commuting hours but if voters give the okay, it could rise to $9. >> is ridiculous.
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>> it's ridiculous. >> reporter: the question is, will voters raise the tolls on bridges, the increase ranges between one and $3. this woman takes the bay bridge everyday to get to work. >> what can i do. it's so expensive living in the city. >> reporter: officials said that the extra money goes towards transportation improvements. >> there are more highways and car pool lanes. >> reporter: perhaps the biggest big beneficiary is bart. much of the new money would go to increasing its train fleet of new cars. >> we have 775 cars on order
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but we need 306 more to meet growing capacity needs. >> the last increase was for 1 dollar in 2004. >> give them a package of things that they think will make their life better. part of that is more and better ferries and highways. >> it's always good to have better roads and freeways, it's tough to pay for the fees though. >> reporter: many commuters think that the tolls are high but is a dar gain compared to the george washington bridge in new york. that's a 15-dollar commute. a grandmother said there is a persistent odor in her home but nobody can figure out what it is, the odor has been been
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in her home for four years, today a hazmat team tested her house. >> i want the problem fixed immediately. >> there is only a few chemicals we test for. we determined that none of them is in either the background or the samples that we found so far. >> reporter: neighboring warehouse byes were also tested and the results were clean, the epa installed mission systems in her home. more problems with expected on highway 17 when the rain comes. >> we tracking the next round of rain, it impacts tomorrow morning's commute and friday's commute. it will have a bit of an impact on the weekend as well. i have the details coming up >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. caltrans crews are working to clear mud slides on highway 17 before it starts to rain again, right now highway 17 is down to one lane in each direction. the evening rush hour home is anything but a rush. >> we decided it would be you safer to stay home. >> reporter: this commuter is monitoring traffic on 17 and has decided to sit this one out. >> i may have to spend the night here if i can cannot get to where i need to go.
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>> reporter: instead of getting trapped, you are staying put? >> yes. >> reporter: the same is true for one corporate head hunting firm. company employees have decided the best way to conduct business is by video chat. >> we have been forced to cancel meetings or switch them to face time to avoid the four hour commutes that people are having. >> reporter: mud slides and lane closures have given slow commutes a new meaning. people are desperate for information when they are on the roads. >> they are cutting down the trees that are in danger of falling. >> reporter: this hup officer
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said caltrans crews will continue to work until the rain arrives overnight. but some drivers have have come up with their own solutions. >> we set this up. >> reporter: many motorists stuck and struggling with their patience. they feel that mother nature has already messed with their commute and can do it again in the coming days. >> the congestion is almost unbearable. >> reporter: the pain is getting worse for many mountain dmeunts. one of the posts onour facebook page implores people to stay --
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residents, one of the post on our facebook page implores people to stay put. we have a storm coming to the bay area. >> it looks like it's going to hit right during the morning commute. then we have another system behind that. that is going to hit both commutes. so this series of storms, one, two and three are different than the other storms we have been seeing all winter. so concerns for flooding and mud slides, i should be concerned, but instead of 12 inches of rain in 24 hours, they are going to get 4 inches of rain. is a fraction of the amount of rain that they have been getting. this is the rain moving into
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northern california. the rain for us gets here around 2:00 in the morning in the north bay. the temperatures are mild. tonight temperatures in the 40s and 50s. as we press forward, this is tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. then we are going into 6:00 a.m. this is the morning commute. then here's the afternoon commute. not bad. then we look at friday. the system will be similar but as we go into next week, this is the amount of rain we can expect in the lake oroville vair. five or -- area. five or 6 inches of rain, but it's over a few days, that's nothing, the water shed can
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handle it. for us, it's okay. it's not a huge amount of rain like what we were seeing on these multiple day storms in january. the next three storms are different from the last few atmospheric river events. tomorrow, 62 in vallejo. 62 in antioch. 62 in san jose and 63 in morgan hill. thursday scattered showers. friday, sun in the morning in the north bay and then the clouds come in from the south. friday, both commutes are wet. saturday there is a chance for a slight sprinkle. not a big deal. there is a chance for a sprinkle. do not change your plans. sunday look like the best day,
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monday's system, number three, does not look like it's going to be too much of an issue. everything is focused on the lake or or water shed. none of the storms look like they will do any damage. if this was a warm storm and started to melt the snow, you would be worried but these storms are going to be fine. the models are verifying that. >> thank you, bill. still to come, the a's pitchers and catchers held their first work out in arizona. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. mark is here to talk about spring training. he went down to see the a's in arizona. >> he is down there in the beautiful weather. the a's are no longer in phoenix, they are in mesa now. >> reporter: the a's in the
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past have traded away their veteran players for pros prospects and hope that they mesh, but this year they kept some of their leadership. >> we have some veterans in these positions, it's the guys that we brought in, that we feel is good for the younger guys that may not be here yet. like davis. in adam's case, he has been here before so he knows how things works. >> the chemistry has been considered good in the past.
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is that important? >> for us, an organization and a team that has always had a free spirit clubhouse, we feel good about what we have right now. lets talk about the warriors, they are taking on sacramento, trying to keep that streak alive. the all star weekend is approaching. this is the last game before the break, all of the stars, green and thompson will be there. green has been on his game as of late. last year he participated in everything in the all star game, the skills contest and everything, that will not happen this time around. he is a veteran this time. >> look at me, i go watch the games from the last week and a half in the all star break, i
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did every appearance, i was changing outfits in the car. going to a few appearances a day. doing what i had to do, fool me once, they will not fool me twice. >> there you go. did you see the forbes list of the richest teams and how much their net worth is. the new york knicks are number one. the warriors are number three in terms of worth. back in 2010, the warriors were purchased for $450 million. that's a good return on investment. >> wow. through the roof. good stuff. lets check this out. not often you see a 5-foot 8-
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inch guy stuff a shot. this announcer was excited about it. >> it was a terrible pass, it's a stuff, and a personal foul. >> daniel hernandez. watch that shot. he is a foot taller than hernandez, but he got the basket. >> wow. >> a great investment for joe lake. >> thank you, and thank you four joining us -- for joining
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us, have a great night >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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